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EAT YOUR ART OUT is a Queer-powered camp which aims to be fem led wherever possible.

AT EYAO we celebrate the full spectrum of diversity within the LGBTQ+ community at Nowhere.


We are a creative, minge loving, twerk-tastic, gender bending, power ballad bashing Camp of camps.

Consent, social justice and inclusion are at the core of our space.


Come build a queer utopia, delight people in our veggie kitchen, plan or perform at the Queerberet and in our party... the possibilities are endless! 

Camping with EYAO 

What EYAO provides (AKA what your camp fees pay for!) 

  • Water 

  • Food (2 hearty meals a day and a snack kitchen open 24/7 (no more being hungry before bed) 

  • Shade! And lots of it! Including, for the camping area 

  • Gender & consent support (ooh, aah) 

  • A glorious stage - for the Queer-Beret, and beyond! Take to the stage with a performance another night, during the day for a poetry reading, or organise a workshop! 

  • A bar!

  • An array of workshops that YOU can create and facilitate

  • A fantastic cabaret night and the best, gayest party in the playa

  • A glorious, joyous, inclusive queer space  

What's expected of you as a camp mate

  • Show up to camp meetings! Participate and contribute in any way you can. Only this way we can make the magic happen.

  • Be part and support your animal family (more of this once you are part of the camp) 

  • Communicate with us - we can't support you if we don't know what you need 

  • Pay your camp fee on time!

  • Agree to our Ethos (and practice it!) 

  • Treat all camp mates with care and respect 

  • Don't assume (it makes an ass of u-and-me)

Our Ethos 

We communicate in an open, clear simple way. We don't judge. We approach every situation with an open mind. We come from a place of belief. When people share experiences, we will support and believe them. We know that everyone's personal boundaries are in different places.

We never assume. We accept that others’ lives and histories outside the space may be different to our own. We stay mindful of how much space we take up (both bodies and voices) and of how we act or speak might be affecting other people around us. Let’s be ready to own how we act and how we speak. This is accountability. When challenged, each of us should be ready to take on board other’s points of view, be responsible for our actions, and ready to make amends in the ways are asked of us.


We are committed to creating a camp based on accountabilty and transformative justice to mediate harms or misunderstandings.

What we provide

If our ethos aligns with yours, here are the basic things you'll get

EYAO Logo black_edited.png


Lots of shade, sofas and a squish to hang out, siesta, or chat. Shade for your tent. Did I mention we have shade?

EYAO Logo black_edited.png


Two gorgeous water cubes for all your hydration needs. And a great camp shower, of course.

EYAO Logo black_edited.png


Glorious vegetarian food, snacks, and a breakfast buffet, playa style. We consider dietary requirements and your grandmother's recipes a priority.

If you want to be part of the queer utopia, apply below to camp with us in 2024!

Please fill out the form below

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